Educational Philosophy

The school’s core focus is the delivery of a quality academic program following the Western Australian Curriculum, conveyed through a baccalaureate approach.

With a focus on excellence in teaching and learning, our desire is to create a culture of highly engaged, purposeful, inter-disciplinary, learning where education is enjoyable and where students develop a thirst and the skills for learning.

Christian Living classes, incorporating SCEA's Biblical Foundations Curriculum Framework, support the Christian worldview from which the curriculum is delivered.

Literacy and numeracy are the keys to unlocking all future learning, enabling young people to become confident learners, independent enquirers, creative thinkers, problem-solvers and active contributors to society. At Northshore Christian Grammar School, a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills for all of our learners is at the heart of our academic program.

Our passionate teachers overlay explicit instruction with inquiry based learning in the context of real life tasks, which enable students to develop foundational learning skills.

Students use technology to support their learning, enhancing their information and communication technology skills as well as their awareness of the ethical responsibilities that go with digital citizenship.

Teaching, learning and the educational experiences of students are tailored to meet their individual needs so that every student feels empowered to reach their full potential.

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