Middle School

The Middle School learning program continues the partnership with parents to support students in their transition from early childhood to the teenage years.

In this learning phase, students’ growing independence and peer-group orientation will be built upon by providing opportunities for them to participate in important forms of decision making within the classroom and school and to work with others. Students will assume increased responsibilities, develop decision-making skills, explore values and further refine their social and collaborative work skills.

Our teachers will understand students’ needs as they make the journey towards increased independence, self-motivation, self-control and resilience.

The curriculum continues to follow the standards set out by SCSA, taught in inter-disciplinary units. Lessons are vibrant learning environments, where teachers put a premium on quality in learning and students are supported and encouraged to pursue personal excellence. The learning environments and spaces promote engagement, contribution and collaboration, including the use of digital communications tools.

Northshore Christian Grammar school students will emerge from Middle School confident and equipped to embrace the opportunities, challenges and choices that the final few years of school will bring.

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