Northshore Christian Grammar School, are currently offering an Academic Scholarship program for students entering Year 7.

Year 7 Academic Scholarships

At Northshore, we strive for excellence and are glad to launch our Academic Scholarships when Year 7 commences in 2018. Students awarded an academic scholarship receive partial (25%) remission from academic tuition fees for three years until the end of Year 9. In the coming years we intend to offer further scholarships for senior secondary school, commencing when Year 10 begins in 2021.

The awarding of scholarships is determined by results in the ACER Scholarship examination, a series of academic ability tests used by Independent schools to select scholarship recipients, followed by a successful interview.

The number of scholarships is limited and applications for 2018 scholarships are now closed.

We intend to continue this program for students entering Year 7 in 2019. More information regarding this will be posted in late 2017.

Foundation Scholarships

Eligibility for our Foundation Scholarships Program has now closed. Contact us today if you have any questions about this program.

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