COVID 19 Lockdown Update: April 23

Dear Parents,


As you may now be aware, Western Australia will be placed into a three-day lockdown (from midnight tonight, Friday, 23 April) after the state government was made aware of a positive COVID-19 case today.

WA Premier Mark McGowan revealed the new case and lockdown measures during an emergency COVID-19 press conference at 2:30pm today.

Information regarding this lockdown will be available from a range of media sources, but the reason for today’s CEO Update communication is regarding our SCEA schools and what we may be facing if this lockdown does continue into next week.

  • Our SCEA School Principals are making preparations with their staff for the possibility of ‘learning at home’ programs, if required.
  • If the lockdown is extended beyond Monday, our schools will be ready to transition to our online learning platforms.

Further communications will be released on Monday afternoon if there is a need to deviate from our normal schooling arrangements across our SCEA schools.

For instance, if the lockdown is required to continue on Tuesday then there will be instructions to our students and families as to how to access their learning facilities and programs.

Our hope is that our schools open on Tuesday morning, the lockdown is lifted and life can return to normal.

For your information, venues that will be closed over this weekend include:

  • Large religious gatherings (church services) and places of worship;
  • Schools, universities, TAFES and education facilities;
  • Pubs, bars and clubs;
  • Gyms and indoor sporting venues;
  • Playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor recreational facilities;
  • Libraries and cultural institutions.

We will be in regular communication with the state educational authorities and the Department of Health and will follow their advice as the situation unfolds.

We have been in this situation before and these circumstances are becoming more familiar to us.

Our teams are well-prepared for these situations and I trust that this unexpected ‘stay at home’ weekend allows you and your family to spend some time together to relax and unwind.

I appreciate your understanding and continuing support for our SCEA schools.


Dr Graeme Cross
Chief Executive Officer

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