Campus Photos

We've got the keys, furniture is being assembled, resources are being unpacked and uniforms are ready to be purchased!

We'll be updating this news article with interactive campus photos throughout the month - click on each photo to view it in 360° on facebook.

This first photo shows an Early Learning classroom with desks and chairs, wobble chairs and smartboard. You can also see the prep areas leading in to the next Early Learning classrooms and glimpse the central corridor of the ELC.

Our buildings feature bright and colourful central spaces for collaboration, assemblies and fun activities. Pictured below is our Primary School building, with a cool blue colour scheme.

The cool blue colour scheme continues through our Primary School classrooms, which also feature breakout activity spaces (pictured with blue carpet!).

Our Out of School Hours care provider, Wanslea, will be moving in shortly to their room in the Early Learning Centre!

Lines have been painted and our basketball court is ready for tip-off!

The school oval has been laid and will be ready for sport in term 1!

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