Learning at Northshore Parent Event Summary

Thank you to the families who attended our Learning at Northshore Parent Event on Friday 2nd September! It was fantastic to meet so many new families and welcome back familiar faces for a tour of the building and sessions with Principal Stuart Chisholm, Education Consultant Mathilda Joubert and our Out of School Hours Provider, Wanslea.

Following the tour, Education Consultant Mathilda Joubert challenged parents to consider how the world around us is rapidly changing and how our purpose as a school is to prepare Children to thrive in a world of constant change.

We watched a 2014 video titled “Did You Know? Shift Happens”, a remix of a 2008 video which demonstrates the speed at which our world is changing.

Mathilda then ran a short activity where we discussed what we value in terms of the head (knowledge and understanding), heart (attitudes and attributes) and hands (skills), with parents sticking these on posters and discussing what values are important to them.

Principal Stuart Chisholm then discussed the model of Learning at Northshore Christian Grammar School.

At the heart, are our children (the learner). The learner is placed in an environment that models Christian values and is conducive to learning. Bright and flexible spaces allow for individuality of the student and the nature of teaching and learning whether it is a collaborative task or independent inquiry.

Our model relies heavily on creating experiences for the students, which provoke and engage them into action. Teachers craft a battery of questions, which not only direct students but also prompt personal and conceptual thinking.

We recognise that although knowledge is important, the breadth and depth of knowledge is growing exponentially and the best way to harness and use this knowledge is through skills. Information literacy skills are used to find knowledge and to discern relevancy, collaboration and communication skills to share and articulate knowledge and thinking skills to solve problems in efficient, balanced and creative ways.

Northshore Christian Grammar School will enable students to not only meet the Australian Curriculum requirements of today, but also equip them to meet the challenges of the increasingly complex and International world of tomorrow.

The night ended with a quick note from Wanslea who discussed onsite out of school hours care. You can find out more about Wanslea and contact them to express interest in this service on the Wanslea website.

Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to the next event in approximately six weeks’ time.

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