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Welcome to week two, and our first edition of Northshore News which we'll send out regularly during school term. There are a few special reminders for you this week, sorry that it is a bit of a shopping list!

Parent Information Evening - Tuesday 7th February 2017, 5pm We'd love for you to come to our information evening this Tuesday. Please meet us in the Early Learning Building at 5pm for the first 20-minute session, which will contain general information about school routines, calendars and programs.

20-minute classroom presentations for Lower and Upper Primary, will follow this session in the Early Learning and the Primary Buildings respectively. If you only have a child in lower primary, please remain in the Early Learning Centre for the first session. If you have a child in grade 3-6, please move to the Primary Building first. The Early Learning session will then be repeated, for those who have children in both parts of the school.

If you are unable to have the children minded at this time, Mrs Jean will be available to supervise them in one of the classrooms.

We look forward to meeting with you and sharing information about our programmes.

Our Online Canteen - Open Now Northshore’s canteen service begins on Monday of week two! Visit the site below to view the menu and order. On your first visit, please click 'sign up' in the top left hand corner to set up an account. Then, you can log in, add credit to your account, and place your first canteen order.

The service operates Monday to Friday, with orders delivered to school 15 minutes before lunch time. At this stage you will still need to provide a snack for morning tea. Although orders may be made up to 7am each day, we recommend ordering the night before to avoid disappointment.

When registering your child please use the following information to help us to organise meals and have them delivered to the right place.

Teachers: Mrs Schokman (Kindergarten 5 Day / Pre Primary) Ms Grobler (Kindergarten 3 Day) Mrs Gibson Ms Nichole Mr Sheedy

Classes- Room Kindergarten (3 Day) - A6 Kindergarten (5 Day) and Pre-Primary - A5 1/2- A2 3/4 - B6 5/6- B3

To access our online canteen, visit This link and information will remain available at

It was wonderful to see students enjoy discovering their new classroom on the first day of school.

Music, Drama, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), Sport and Indonesian All of our Specialist Classes begin this week. Please remember to wear your sport uniform on Wednesday.

For Kindergarten students, many activities such as Drama and Music will be run in their regular classroom, while PE will take place outdoors.

Extra-Curricular Activities A notice will be sent home this week to parents providing more information about extra-curricular activities and optional private music lessons. We aim to start these programs in week 3.

Construction Update We still have a few builders on site putting the final touches on our buildings and landscaping. This should not cause any disruption to our school programs.

  • Our Early Learning students are sharing the central playground while the final landscaping is completed in the Early Learning playground. Once landscaping is completed, our Building, Grounds and Maintenance team will install nature play materials.
  • Our oval was mowed for the first time on Friday and is looking very green from the rain early in week one. After an application of topsoil and another week for roots to establish, it will be ready for ball sports in week three.
  • Feature gates will be installed at the front of the school in a few weeks to replace the temporary gates between the basketball court and school sign.

Thank you to SCEA's new CEO, Neil David, for visiting us in his (and our) first week! He, along with a SCEA board member, and our Languages Consultant and Director of Finance visited on Friday.

Communication Systems We're also still working on a technical front to put the final touches on many of the systems used to connect you with your student's class. These include Parent Lounge, which will link you to our student management system, an updated newsletter, notice system and a new version of our school app.

If you'd like to register additional email addresses to our regular newsletter, please visit this page. Please note this will not change your registered contact details for billing and reporting purposes - to update those, please contact our office.

Also, be sure to download our school app to stay up to date on the go!

Safety Students and Teachers have already had a site induction and walk through of the emergency procedures. We are required to conduct emergency drills each term, and will complete the first one towards the end of this week. We will also cover this for parents and carers in the information session on Tuesday evening, but I encourage you to read through the procedure cards located on the walls in every classroom and in the hallways.

Doors Open Please note that teachers are on duty outside the classrooms from 8.15. You should be able to see someone in a fluro vest (it's not a fifo worker!). Feel free to drop your child if they feel confident. Monitors will provide sports equipment and chess pieces while your child waits for class to start, and tea and coffee is available from the canteen for adults.

Doors to the buildings will open at 8.25, 5 minutes before classes begin. Please wait outside until then while our teachers are setting up for the day. If you need to talk with the teacher please wait until this time. If for any reason you can’t wait, please ring the reception bell in the Early Learning building to speak with our friendly admin staff.

Out of Hours Care (Wanslea) and End of Day Several students are already using the out of hours facility, and I encourage everyone to enrol even if you don't intend to use it in the short term.You never know!

On this topic let me remind you that staff are on duty until 3.30 in front of the buildings. Students not collected by this time will be brought inside the kindy block and are required to sit and read quietly while we contact you by phone. If students are not collected by 3.45, they will be enrolled into after school care at the parent's cost. We must be firm with this policy as teachers are required to attend meetings and conduct planning during these times and so cannot be responsible for supervising students.

Mothers Play Group Playgroup meets in the Library on Thursday mornings between 9-11. If you'd like to join, please register at the office before when you arrive and sign out when you leave. This is a community service provided by the school. We do not charge for the use of the space and in turn ask that you look after our space.

Photos As seen at the assembly on Friday, we have now received our foundation day photos from MSP Photography. We will arrange for these to be available at the school for you to copy to a USB during the week.

My prayers are with you and the school for another fantastic week.

God Bless

Mr Stuart Chisholm


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