ySafe Cyber Safety & Social Media Sessions

As a part of our 2018 Parent and Community Series, we were blessed to have Jordan Foster from ySafe visit us to discuss a range of topics on Cyber Safety and Social Media. Below are four excerpts from her session, covering a range of topics.

Attendees of the session will have received a link to a range of documentation from the event. If you missed out, contact the school and we'll connect you to a copy!

Technology Boundaries - In this clip, Jordan discusses setting boundaries with children for technology use.

Inclusion on Social Media - In this clip, Jordan discusses the difficult situation that can arise when people are included in conversations not intended for them.

Exclusion on Social Media - In this clip, Jordan discusses how excluding people from social media groups can have negative effects.

Sending Pictures on Snapchat - In this clip, Jordan provides an example that can be used to demonstrate to children how 'disappearing' media doesn't necessarily mean it has no consequences.

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