Our School

Join a school community that is raising up Internationally-minded, outwardly-focused students. A school that exemplifies excellence in teaching and learning, so that students emerge with a life long love of learning and a rigorous academic foundation for a solid future.


In planning Northshore Christian Grammar School, we had a clearly articulated vision of the role the school will play in the lives of its families and the broader community.

We are creating a school where the curriculum is supplemented with diverse options so students can become the best version of themselves. A school with architect-designed buildings and state of the art learning spaces will inspire creativity and collaboration as well as provide a dose of fun.

We picture a school with abundant grounds to awaken a sense of adventure and exploration in young minds as well as facilitate healthy, energetic bodies. A school where sport becomes a way of life and every student is a team player. Facilities, where in the future, community groups will gather for sharing passions and knowledge from generation to generation.

We are recruiting the best Christian staff to instil the essential values of knowledge, wisdom, resilience and compassion in every student entering the school gates. Our staff love what they do and are dedicated to your child beyond the traditional role of simply teaching, because pastoral care at Northshore Christian Grammar School is integral to the school experience.

We can already sense the culture of the school. A joyful culture based on Biblical foundations, where diversity and differences are celebrated and where to do your best is the norm, not the exception. Most importantly, we are already welcoming families who believe in a true partnership with the school and who value and welcome open communication about their child’s progress. Parents who understand the power of encouragement, as well as the unity of community.

By God’s grace, our vision is coming to pass and in 2017 we open the doors to our dynamic school community with classes from Kindergarten through to Year Six, and growing year-on-year to include Kindergarten to Year 12.

Welcome to Northshore Christian Grammar School!

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