2024 Year 7 Transition Day

Highlights from the 2024 Year 7 Transition Day

The recent 2024 Year 7 Transition Day held on 20 October was a huge success, and we’re excited to share some highlights. The new faces brought an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm, truly igniting the High School and creating a positive and exciting atmosphere.

New Friendships Blooming

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the Transition Day was witnessing new friendships formed by current and new students. As our incoming Year 7 students familiarised themselves with their peers and teachers, it was evident that lasting bonds were already being forged. The inclusive and supportive environment that our school promotes played a significant role in making this possible.

An Exciting Introduction to New Subjects

Year 7 is a year of discovery and exploration, and the students fully embraced the experience of introduction to new subjects. This was met with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. The curious minds of our Year 7s shone as they dove into the world of knowledge, expanding their horizons.

The Joy of Hands-On Activities

Our Year 7 students had the opportunity to explore some of the more creative and practical subjects offered at NCGS. The Home Economics lesson was a hit, with students expressing their love for cooking. It was amazing to see our young chefs in the making discover the joy of preparing Mrs. Warnock’s delicious coconut macaroons.

Another popular activity was creating keychains with Mr. Perrett. The enthusiasm displayed by the students in crafting their keychains was pleasing. It was a fantastic way for them to explore this new subject and learn new skills.

The Spotlight on Drama and Sport

Drama and sport also played a significant role in the Year 7 Transition Day experience. The engagement in Mrs. Schroeder’s Drama class was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing the budding talent and passion of our incoming students for the performing arts. The enthusiasm they brought was genuinely infectious.

On the sporting front, our 2024 Year 7s have proven themselves to be formidable athletes. According to Mr. Hutch, the passion and enthusiasm they brought to the Lazer Gates and Vertical Jumps were terrific. 


In conclusion, our 2024 Year 7 students will bring a renewed sense of energy and excitement to our High School. We look forward to the incredible journey ahead as we nurture and guide them on the path God has planned for them. This is a fantastic start to their High School journey, and we cannot wait to see all the remarkable things they will achieve.