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Welcome to Northshore Christian Grammar School’s website.

It is highly likely that you are looking for a school that will support and complement your family to help your children achieve and ultimately, be happy and fruitful.

This website will give you insight about Northshore’s character and about the abundant activities and opportunities it offers. Whether your child is passionate about discovery in science and technology, enjoys the challenges in mathematics or the joys that English or learning another language can bring, we have brought together – and will continue to attract – the best teachers.

Music, sports, arts, languages, service… Good schools offer some of all of these programs, but at great schools like Northshore, the common thread we have between all of these pursuits is that the student sits firmly at the centre. All programs are not only designed so that our students will benefit, but that the student gains the necessary values and skills along the way to independently drive their own development. Northshore Christian Grammar School alumni will be independent, emotionally intelligent, internationally minded citizens. I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss what we can offer your child at our new and unique school.

Mr. Stuart Chisholm


About Stuart Chisholm

Stuart Chisholm was born in Melbourne, attended Ivanhoe Grammar School and then Deakin University. He taught for the Department of Education in Victoria before moving briefly to Perth. Subsequently, he was offered a position to lead the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme at the Ciputra School in Indonesia. Shortly after that, Stuart was appointed Assistant Principal Curriculum K-12. He then moved to West Papua as the Principal of Freeport’s YPJ Middle Schools.

Returning to Australia in 2014 as a fluent Indonesian speaker, Stuart was appointed as a Principal for Swan Christian Education Association. He brings a diverse set of educational experience to Northshore CGS, with a particular love of languages and sports. Stuart aims to build a culture of achievement and service grounded in God’s love and compassion. Stuart is happily married to Simone and has three children who attend Northshore.