Water Corporation: Waterwise Experience Incursion

Using silent disco technology, students could explore, wonder and question through the power of audio. Students were led through three engaging narratives, which empowered them to take action and become sustainability ambassadors. They learnt that we have finite resources and need to work together to preserve, restore and protect the uniqueness of our planet.

Thank you to Adilene in Year 9 for sharing her experience in the incursion with us:

On Wednesday, April 17th, the Water Corporation held an interactive and immersive experience for Year 7-10 Northshore Students about how WA uses its water and consolidated our learning from our HASS classes. The students were separated into 3 ‘different coloured groups’, which consisted of red, green, and blue. We were then provided with headphones specific to these colours. We then went to a tent of that colour to begin the activity.

I was in the green group. Our group was asked to look onto the side of the tent walls, where the main uses of water in WA were displayed. One side showed ‘desalination’, and it explained this process. The other side of the tent showed dams in WA. Next, we moved around to the next tent (the red tent); this encouraged us to be aware of how much water we consume and how little other countries were using in comparison.

We then moved to an open space and took physical steps to show how many gallons of water we consume and how much was used around us. Lastly, we visited the ‘blue tent’, where we were given code names. We put on lettered bibs corresponding to our code name. Then we blasted off into space and heard how astronauts use water in space. In the end, everyone came together for one final task: we took part in a multiple-choice quiz, moving to what we felt was the correct lettered flag put up around the undercover area.

It was such a fun learning experience with many interesting facts that allowed us to learn how to be more water-wise.

Adilene, Year 9 Student