As children grow, their sense of themselves and their world expands.

They begin to see themselves as members of larger communities. They are interested in, and like to speculate about, other times, places and societies. They begin to understand and appreciate different points of view, develop the ability to think in more abstract terms and undertake sustained activities for longer periods.

In these formative years of schooling we focus on every child gaining full capability in literacy and numeracy with all curriculum subjects providing contexts for these two skills. At the same time, we develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills so that students are able to make informed decisions about which language and mathematics skills to apply in different contexts.

These Primary years see the continued implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum and learning opportunities which are relevant and purposeful.

Teachers work to build confidence, resilience, and the social and interpersonal skills that students will use throughout their lives. Learning opportunities are also fun, given we know that when children enjoy learning, they develop life-long learning habits.

Specialist classes such as art, music, language and drama will be taught by subject area specialists and provide diverse opportunities for children to start to explore their natural strengths and abilities.

Camps in Years Four, Five and Six are designed to complement the learning taking place in the classroom with students learning more about their character strengths, how they learn best, and how they can interact cooperatively and positively with others.

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