Northshore Christian Grammar School is a non-denominational Christian private school.

We offer:

  • Excellent academic foundation
  • Extraordinary sports, music and arts programs
  • Exceptional state of the art buildings, facilities and grounds
  • Equipping of children with traditional values
  • Open enrolments and an inclusive learning environment. We work with parents to provide each child with a tailored learning journey.
  • The excitement of being part of an inaugural cohort who can shape the character of a brand new school community.

Enrolment Process

Our Enrolment Process involves four steps to answer any questions you may have and demonstrate what Northshore can offer your family.

1. Enquiry

Before submitting a formal application we encourage you to contact us with any questions or enquiries, to provide an opportunity to meet with our Principal or staff, see our facilities and find out about our learning program.

2. Formal Application

A formal application places your child on the priority list for their year group. Once your application is received, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview (if not already held).

3. Induction interview

Is held with our Principal to meet your family and understand your educational needs. After an interview has been completed, parents receive a formal offer of a place.

4. Acceptance & Confirmation

Parents have a 14 day period to accept the offer of a place by payment of an enrolment fee (which only applies once per family). Once received, the places applied for at that time are confirmed.

Enrolments at Northshore Christian Grammar School are now open

We are available to answer any questions you may have about the school, and welcome you to apply today to join our community.