Governance & Policies

Our school is part of Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA), one of Australia's largest independent Christian school providers.

Northshore Christian Grammar School is a campus of Swan Christian Education Association, an organisation founded in 1981 by a group of committed Christian parents seeking an outstanding, Christ-centred education for their children. Its first campus, Midland Christian School, opened in 1982 and SCEA now operates a number of campuses across Perth, which encompass a number of other initiatives including a trade training centre and online school. As leaders in researching, identifying, sharing and delivering innovative educational approaches, it is our commission to explore new partnerships, associations, affiliations and developments to increase the opportunity to provide Christ-centred education. SCEA schools benefit from extra resources such as educational consultation, professional development, human resources, finance, maintenance, risk management, information and communication technology and marketing. In addition, SCEA facilitates a range of exciting cross-school initiatives and events for our students throughout the year. Being a part of a larger organisation enables schools such as ours to flourish and focus on the core business of educating our students. According to SCEA’s Constitution, the governing body of the Association is the Board of Directors. You can  visit the SCEA website to learn more about our extraordinary Association.

Formal reporting and Compliance

A number of reports that apply to the school are listed below.

As a member of Swan Christian Education Association, our formal financial and governance reporting forms a part of the Association’s annual reporting cycle (with a reporting cycle according to the Calendar year). You can access the Association’s latest annual reports and other documentation here.

In compliance with Governmental Reporting Requirements, Northshore Christian Grammar School also publishes an annual report by the 30th of June on the previous calendar year. You can access our latest annual report by  clicking here.