Multilingualism is an increasingly required skill in today’s world, and the mastery of second or third languages has been shown to have a significantly positive impact on brain development.

Research has shown that those with multiple languages are better learners; who are more able to avoid distractions, multi task, and solve problems.

Northshore Christian Grammar School will offer a strong language program, commencing in Kindergarten, using Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) pedagogy.

Based on methodological principles established by research on language immersion, CLIL is an approach for learning a second language through existing curriculum content (such as physical education or the arts), thereby simultaneously teaching both the subject and the language.


From our foundation year, students will be taught Indonesian, from Kindergarten classes onwards using the CLIL approach in Primary School.

Consultation with our inaugural parent body shows overwhelming support for a study of Asian culture and languages. Indonesian: Second Language is a recognised second language with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and can currently be studied at ATAR level.

As at our fellow SCEA Schools, senior language students will be encouraged to participate in local and overseas opportunities to further immerse themselves in a second language, opening up a world of opportunities when they graduate as young adults.