Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride. It creates an identity for the school, creates uniformity and subtly positions students in a learning mindset.

In designing the uniform for Northshore Christian Grammar school, particular attention was paid to:

  • Functionality: one single uniform, which can be tailored to both summer and winter offering greater flexibility and choice, comfortable to move in and suited to all figure types
  • Style: smart and distinctive uniform, paying homage to traditional Grammar schools through the use of a uniquely created tartan
  • Durability: easy to wash, dirt-resistant colours and lasting materials.

The decision to include yellow accents in the Northshore Christian Grammar School uniform was purposeful, as yellow is the colour of the mind and the intellect. As the lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, and enthusiasm for life.

From Kindy onwards, Northshore Christian Grammar School students will feel comfortable and a sense of belonging in their stylish and practical uniform.

Download the uniform policy here


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