First day Back at School – 2024

First day of School 2024

The much-awaited day of Monday, 29th January, finally arrived as it marked the beginning of the school year 2024. The classrooms were brimming with excitement and happiness as the students entered with their polished shoes, broad grins, and warm hugs.

It was beautiful to see so many smiling faces as the students entered the gates on Monday, reconnecting with one another and welcoming many new friends to their classes. The wonderful buzz radiated throughout the school, setting the tone for a year filled with learning, growth, curiosity and joy.

Furthermore, Tuesday was a joyous occasion as we welcomed our newest Kindergarten cohort to begin their schooling journey. Witnessing the wide-eyed wonder of our youngest students as they explored their new learning spaces was heartwarming. As for our upper years, they were engaged in various hands-on activities, while our 2024 Year 12 cohort embarked on the final year of their school journey. The anticipation is palpable, and we can’t wait to see what the year holds for all our students!

Stay tuned for upcoming school events and activities catering to each year level. We pray for a fruitful 2024 for our Northshore families and look forward to journeying alongside you.