Grandparents Day: Celebrating the Love and Wisdom of Our Beloved Grandparents

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts!

Students were so excited to welcome their Grandparents to school on Wednesday, 20 March, a day filled with laughter, love and togetherness.

We recognise the invaluable role grandparents play in our student’s lives and love to see generations unite and enjoy their time together. Each year, we set time aside in our school calendar to honour and thank them for all they do.

We watched as children laughed, created, and had fun with the special loved ones in their lives. Tasty picnic food and pretty blankets adorned the floors amongst the chatter and laughter coming from all corners of our Undercover Area. Some children proudly showed their loved ones what they could create using beads, cards, stickers and ribbons, while others showed their competitive side while playing board games.

The Food Tech High School students baked scones to be enjoyed by all, and some CAS Community Students created bookmarks and messages of love and adoration for our older generation.

As the echoes of laughter fade and the memories linger, we are reminded of the profound impact grandparents have on shaping our student’s lives.

Thank you to everyone involved for helping to make Grandparents Day a memorable one!

Taryn Swanby
Early Years Coordinator