Huggy Bears for Northshore Kindy students

Huggy Bears

On the first day of school, Northshore’s Kindy students were overjoyed to receive their very own cuddly bear from the Huggy Bears Program. This program was initiated by Carolyn, a cherished great-grandmother from Northshore, who has won the hearts of many with her selfless act of kindness.

Carolyn delivered these adorable bears to every student personally. The best part was that each student got to choose their own bear and had their name written on its foot. Carolyn also shared with the students why these bears are so unique, making the experience even more memorable:

“These Bears are special; they can be hugged and held whenever you are feeling a little sad or lonely, and you can talk to your bear any time. The Huggy Bears have large ears, so they can listen to whatever bothers you. You can also get an extra kiss from Mum/Dad in the mornings and save the kiss inside the Huggy Bears pocket for when you need it.”

At school, there is a place where these adorable bears reside, eagerly waiting to provide comfort and warmth through cuddles whenever anyone needs them.

It’s heartwarming to know that there are volunteers who are dedicated to making the first school day memorable for Kindy students. These volunteers spend countless hours knitting special bears. This year, Carolyn and her team of volunteer knitters have managed to knit 240 bears and distribute them to five Northern Perth schools. It’s truly a blessing to be one of those five schools.

Running this program has been a journey of trusting the Lord wholeheartedly. Even when knitting 240 bears seemed like an insurmountable mountain, Carolyn knew God would provide. She is exceptionally grateful for her church, Son City Church, and Pastor, Pastor Jon, who have supported the project in countless ways – including sponsoring all the materials needed. This whole experience has reminded her that if even one student truly needs the companionship of a Huggy Bear, then it is still worth knitting all 240. After all, Jesus always comes for the one.

We know that our students will cherish these bears this year and for many years to come.

Anyone wanting to participate in this beautiful initiative can contact Northshore, who will gladly pass on your details to Carolyn.