Inaugural Performing Arts Showcase 2023

What a night! Our first Performing Arts Showcase at Northshore was an event to remember!

We are very proud of the brave students who showed courage and shared their God-given talent on a stage in front of an excited audience. For so many of our students, this was their first time singing, playing an instrument, performing and even being part of an event like this on stage. We hope this Showcase will mark the start of a long and rewarding experience in the Performing Arts at Northshore. It is only the beginning.

The Showcase opened with the Year 5 Concert Band making their debut performance with two pieces: Dragon Fire and Midnight Madness. Various Year 5 instrumental group items followed, including the Flute Ensemble performing Good King Wenceslas. The Clari “Ten out Tens” Clarinet Ensemble performed Banuwa Canon, followed by the Hot Notes Sax Ensemble, demonstrating their groovy jazz improvisation skills in their performance of Green Onions. The Year 5 Brass Ensemble performed Jingle Bells, followed by brass soloists Chloe (Baritone), trumpeters Kaitlin, Ava and Milly, and then a trombone trio starring Olive, Indigo and Zara who performed A-Tisket A-Tasket. The Year 5 Percussion Ensemble, led by Mr. Sobejko, demonstrated a high-energy improvisation on bucket drums, and the bass guitar students grooved to an excerpt from Seven Nation Army. Northshore’s Term 4 Choir Club demonstrated their two-part singing with their beautiful performances of Cover Me in Sunshine (Pink!) and “When I Grow Up” from Matilda. Throughout the evening we were entertained by secondary contemporary vocalists and instrumentalists, including Year 7s Annerie (piano) and Kayleigh (vocals) performing their cover of Superkid by Livingston, Year 9s, Alyssa and Nikeysha performing Snowman by Sia, Year 9 guitarists Matilda and Nikeysha performing “Coffee for Your Head” by Powfu, then Year 10 vocalist, Anique presented a stunning rendition of Adele’s Make You Feel My Love. The first half closed with the Year 8 Rock band (Grace – guitar, Cherise – Bass, Adilene – Vocals) with their entertaining performance of Violet by Hole. The second half featured Year 10 musicians Hanna (piano) and Karin (guitar) performing the classic ballad Rainbow Connection. Then, Karin on guitar and Anique on piano joined vocalists Isabella and Belle with a performance of Lost Boy by Ruth B. Our secondary music students are to be commended for selecting and rehearsing their repertoire.

The Dance and Drama students took us on a journey of various styles from Contemporary, Comedy, Realism, Ballet, Physical Theatre, Circus and Magical Realism. Sydney opened the second half of the Showcase with a stunning lyrical dance piece performed, to Warrior by Demi Lovato. She also closed the Showcase with a strikingly contemporary work performed to The Way I Feel, showcasing her incredible talent. The Year 8 duologues performed by Barclay and Emery, Jadon and Tristan entertained the audience as they introduced us to new neighbours and a cat. The Drama club (Cherise, Iulian, Ivy, Grace, Annerie, Adilene and Kayleigh) have been rehearsing after school since Week 3 and always bring energy, enthusiasm and joy with them. Despite the small amount of rehearsal time we had, they managed to take the audience on a journey from Little Red’s forest to Neverland and onto Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger while performing Peter Pan and The Lost Girl by Willow Rowe. Alyshia performed an exquisite Classical Ballet on point wearing a stunning blue tutu. The Year 9 Drama students Matilda, Alyssa and Nikeysha gave an outstanding performance inspired by H20 Just Add Water, exploring the style of Magical Realism. The Year 7 Drama students Ashley, Kaia, Seanna, Kayleigh, and Maya showcased their Circus and Physical Theatre performance skills in a Hoopla Doopla inspired piece full of colour and spark, exploring the character Mimi’s holidays. Rebecca gave a heartwarming contemporary dance performance inspired by her story of struggling with the illness Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and her recovery journey. She shared how debilitating the illness has been but how God has healed her, and her faith and use of Dance have helped in her recovery.

We are very proud of all these students, and it was beautiful to see the young audience sitting at the front of the stage in awe and anticipation of seeing the talent and energy on stage.
Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who contributed to the event, whether it was doing incredible make-up designs, moving music equipment from car to stage, setting up chairs, fixing costumes or bringing supper. We appreciate your support and celebrate the excellent work of your children. Countdown to the next one!

Mrs Elzette Schroeder (Drama Teacher) & Ms Margaret Goldsmith (Dean of Music)