Inaugural Year 12 Graduation

Northshore Christian Grammar School's Inaugural Year 12 Graduation: A Celebration of Achievements and Pioneering Spirit

Year 12 Graduates of 2023 lead the way!

The morning of Thursday, 20 September 2023, will be forever etched into Northshore Christian Grammar School’s narrative as we celebrated the inaugural Year 12 Graduation, together with families, invited guests, staff, and students.

This cohort has been with the school since the beginning, with the task of paving the way for all future graduates. Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm spoke of the pioneering role they have undertaken in navigating many difficulties associated with a growing school.

Saying farewell to Northshore’s first Year 12 cohort was a time of joy as they commended their achievements and incredible spirit. Time was set aside for reflection, knowing that these young men and women would not be returning as students.

Congratulations to Award recipients Sally Jepson, Simeon Van Schalkwyk, Scott Pettitt, Alexander Nicholls, and Flynn Chisholm. Well done on what they accomplished during their time at Northshore! Thank you to all the families, staff and students who made this day so extraordinary.

We pray God will bless the 2023 graduates in their futures.