Loud Shirt Day

Northshore Supports Children with Hearing Loss through Loud Shirt Day.

On Wednesday, 25 October, the Primary staff and students wore it LOUD and proud with some super amazing, stylish, colourful and crazy fun shirts!

Loud Shirt Day is the perfect excuse to be BOLD and BRIGHT by wearing the LOUDEST shirt and supporting children with hearing loss in schools and the broader community in Perth. Northshore is part of the Outpost school program and is in partnership with Telethon Speech and Hearing.

The Outpost program supports children with hearing loss to fully access the same educational and social engagement opportunities as their peers and offers comprehensive in-school support across primary and secondary.

Our team of education and allied health professionals collaborate with the Northshore team to ensure students have the level of assistance that best meets their individual needs. Each student has an individualised support program that is developed collaboratively with parents, school staff and the Outpost team. Individual assistance may include language, speech, auditory, social/emotional, occupational therapy and academic support tailored to individual needs.

By wearing it LOUD at school and donating your dollars, our community have not only helped to raise awareness of children with hearing loss in Perth but also provided the children with a hearing loss to continue to have inclusive education. How awesome is that! Thank you to Northshore for your continued kindness and generosity.