Matilda the Musical: Year 9 & 10 Students Enjoy Final Dress Rehearsal Performance at Lake Joondalup Baptist College

Matilda The Musical is a charming and entertaining musical experience that celebrates the power of imagination and the importance of standing up for what is right. The Year 9 & 10 Drama and Music students had the privilege of watching the final dress rehearsal performance of Matilda at Lake Joondalup Baptist College.

It was delightful to see the faces of the Northshore students light up as they witnessed the talented cast of performers bring alive the famous songs of “When I Grow Up”, “Revolting Children”, and “Naughty”. Students will write an assessment based on the performance, analysing the drama and design elements and the use of music to create atmosphere and mood. The excitement on the bus home was exhilarating as we talked about our favourite moments on stage. Here is what some of our students said:

“I really liked the songs and the choreography. The singers were amazing!”

“I loved the swings and scooters on stage.”

“I enjoyed the atmosphere of the play and the energy coming from each of the actors in the play; even if some students did not have a big part in the play, they kept in character and had good energy.”

“Ms Trunchbull gave a stand-out performance!”

The musical created a buzz, and everyone is asking, “When will we do a production?” and all we can say is…watch this space!!

Elzette Schroeder
Drama Teacher