Minibeast Incursions with Eco Action

Exciting Hands-On Learning Experience with Minibeasts for Northshore’s Early Years Students

We are proud to share with you one of the many exciting learning experiences that our students have had recently. At Northshore, we are committed to providing an inquiry and experiential learning approach that encourages students to fully engage in their learning, sparking their curiosity and igniting their passion for exploring new ideas and concepts.

Our early year’s students had an amazing opportunity to participate in a hands-on learning experience where they interacted with various minibeasts, including stick insects, beetles, caterpillars, and even a giant burrowing cockroach! The students were thrilled to learn about the different types of insects and their unique characteristics.

During the session, students learnt many interesting facts about these insects, such as how they live and what they eat. They had the opportunity to observe the insects closely and ask questions, which helped them to deepen their understanding and knowledge about these fascinating creatures.

The students were also reminded about the importance of being safe around different creatures. They were taught how to approach and handle insects with care, which helped them to appreciate the importance of respect and responsibility towards all living things.

Overall, this exciting learning experience gave our students a unique opportunity to explore the natural world and develop their understanding of the environment around them. We are thrilled to see our early years students engaging with their learning and look forward to providing more exciting experiences in the future.

Students look forward to continuing to learn about living things and how we can care for all of God’s unique creatures!