NIPSSA – Summer lightning Carnival

On Thursday, 7 March, both Year Six classes participated in the NIPSSA Summer Carnival at Kingsway Sporting Complex and Kingsway Christian College.

Students were allowed to explore and learn a new sport in an enjoyable environment. They were given various options, such as basketball, lacrosse, cricket, and ultimate Frisbee, and were allowed to choose the one that matched their interests and preferences.

Comments made by students, such as “I didn’t realise lacrosse could be so much fun!” made this a precious experience for our students. They showed Respect to their teammates, their opposition and the referees. They learned new skills and rules for the games they chose.

Whilst the Carnival was designed to be participatory, there was an element of competition, with the Mixed Cricket Team finishing in second place and the Girl’s Basketball team winning their competition.

A big thank you to Mrs Hood, who was able to help coach a team, and to the parents who game to give their support. We will look forward to the NIPSSA Winter Carnival in Term 2.