Professional Filmmaker & Photographer Matthew Bettinaglio visits Northshore

Year 9 and 10 Students Get Inspired by Local Filmmaker & Photographer Matthew Bettinaglio’s Latest Short Film ‘Form & Flow’

On Wednesday, 21 February, our Year 9 and 10 students were privileged to meet filmmaker and photographer Matthew Bettinaglio, based in Yanchep, Western Australia. They were given the opportunity to watch his latest short film, ‘Form & Flow, ‘ and interact with him.

Matthew enjoys a quiet life as a filmmaker and photographer, living beside & constantly enjoying the pristine coastline of Yanchep with his wife and three daughters. His film work grew from a passion of capturing skateboarding, surf & snow culture, which then developed into a career where he has now worked with the likes of Jeep, World Surf League, & Thrasher Magazine.

Matthew has a passion for bringing together local communities by hosting short film premieres & photography exhibitions & this is something he plans to continue into the future. Matthew’s work is emotive & focuses on natural beauty, genuine people & the joy-bringing activities many of us pursue regularly. 

For those interested in his latest short film,’ Form & Flow.’

‘Form & Flow’ is a short film documenting the creative spaces of Warrick Palmateer (ceramicist) & Jake Harman (surfboard shaper) in the same set of units at home in Yanchep. The film delves into not only their crafts but also their relationship with each other & their shared link to surfing, as well as some challenging times from the past few years. The film features an entirely original score by Bailey Thompson (Sunsick band). Premiered locally in November 2023 and currently doing festival rounds for 2024, it will be available to view online later this year.

Follow this link to view the trailer:

Matthew’s documentary style of filming inspired our Media students, as they are currently working on a Social Media campaign to show a day in the life of a student at Northshore. They drew inspiration from how Matthew edits, frames, and lights his subject matter, which is reflected directly in their films. Keep an eye out for their creations to be posted on our social media in the coming weeks! In class, they have focussed on learning about media techniques, including camera angles, framing, shots, lighting, sound, and creating effective storyboards. It was an invaluable experience for the students to see how these are used in real life and be able to envision a career in film.

Our students were truly inspired by Matthew’s passion for filmmaking, and the session was rounded off well with a Q&A session.