Year 12 Ball hosted at Optus Stadium

Gala Venue for School Ball

As we kick-started the academic year, our Year 12 students set the tone for the months ahead with a glamorous celebration at the esteemed Optus Stadium. The Year 12 Formal, held on Thursday, 25 January, was a night of elegance and marked the commencement of a year filled with academic endeavours and shared experiences.

Our Year 12 students, showcasing their style and individuality, graced Optus Stadium with a display of impeccable fashion. This glamorous start to the year set a precedent for the elegance and determination that will define their journey throughout their final academic year. 

Uniting with Ellenbrook Christian College at the formal established a foundation of camaraderie and shared experiences early in the year. The mingling of students from both schools set the stage for a collaborative and supportive atmosphere as they commence their final year of high school together.

The genuine respect displayed by our students towards the staff was heartwarming. Teachers were acknowledged and appreciated, adding a meaningful touch to the commencement of the academic year. This positive interaction between students and teachers set a promising tone for the months ahead. 

Recognizing outstanding contributions, the Bell, Maddie Groenewald, Beau, Colin Buckley and Life of the Party, Harry Corrigan awards were bestowed upon deserving students. These individuals, chosen for their leadership, kindness, and celebratory spirit, are poised to make a lasting impact throughout the academic year.

As we reflect on this unforgettable start to the academic year, let’s carry the spirit of unity, respect, and celebration with us. The Year 12 Formal was not just a beginning; it was a testament to the resilience, character, and promise of the graduating class.

Wishing the Class of 2024 a year filled with success and memorable experiences!