Year 3 Students Explore the Wonders of Space and Science at Scitech

On Friday, 8 March, the Year 3 students enjoyed a fantastic day at Scitech to support their learning in their inquiry "Sun, Earth and Moon." The day was filled with fun, excitement and lots of learning.

The students attended a planetarium show where they explored the stars in our sky, the constellations they make, and the planets in our solar system. They learnt about the Earth’s tilted axis and how this creates regular seasonal changes combined with its orbit. It was an awe-inspiring experience for the students to see the vastness of our universe and the beauty of the night sky.

The students also participated in a theatre show called “Mystery Hunters”. Their minds were amazed by a variety of scientific mysteries and tricks. They learnt about the scientific principles behind some of the most fascinating tricks, and it was an excellent way for them to learn about science while having fun.

Finally, the students ended the day by exploring the general exhibit gallery. They were able to interact with different exhibits that showcased various scientific concepts. It was a wonderful day of learning and fun.